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just cause he was shot in the back [xundo]

Mo dumbass Niggas [xundo]

Who'da Thunk it!!! (Metro) [xundo]

RE:re: When? When? [xundo]

RE:Reply-Build the Wall [xundo]

re: When? When? [xundo]

Bushed Out [xundo]

RE: Cobb County [xundo]

Reply-Build the Wall pic [xundo]

9 year old black girl [xundo]

walking on thin ice around here (58) pic [xundo]

A nine year old black girl was killed in her bedroom (Perplexed white guy) pic [xundo]

Re: Noe Manne Redneck Rick (Newman) [xundo]

re:Islam has no place in a civilized society (American citizen) [xundo]

re:Black lives mater? It depends on the blck. (White deep southern man [xundo]

Noe Manne pic [xundo]

Christian perverts versus muslim perverts (Islam yuk) pic [xundo]

Islam has no place in a civilized society (American citizen) pic [xundo]


RE: muslims - Now, for the REST of the story... (Lies...) (here and there) [xundo]

I'm getting out of here! pic [xundo]

Who Will It Be Tomorrow? (Atlanta) [xundo]

RE; They went to Jared (58) [xundo]

Ashley Madison List (Atlanta) [xundo]

"Seen And Not Seen" lyrics pic [xundo]

Jared Fogle (58) [xundo]

Life without Mexicans hopefully thanks to Trump [xundo]

You always knew that being gay was a choice (oh really) (Straight but not narrow) [xundo]

When?When? [xundo]

hate overdraft fees [xundo]

re:Why is he being such a weirdo!!?? (Atlanta) [xundo]

Why is he being such a weirdo!!?? (Atlanta) [xundo]

re:How to get rid of anchor babies within the law [xundo]

Whites up north are whiter because (Southern white man) [xundo]

A Reply to RE: Parents Say Cops Murdered Their Son [xundo]

re:Debates.. Much Ado About Nothing [xundo]

Employers pull in their inexperienced family with nasty attitudes (Atlanta) [xundo]

RE: my own enemy (anywhere) [xundo]

REX4Parents Say Cops Murdered Their Son (Woodstock) (pissing in the Kool-Aid) pic [xundo]

lift your fat ass of the chair and support Rand Paul (jail country) pic [xundo]

RE: Why Blacks Have So Much More HIV, etc (USA) [xundo]

Re: China ( 58) pic [xundo]

China (58) [xundo]