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Lemme See If I Got this Right? (MARTA) [xundo]

I love the flying spaghetti monster (Atheistville) pic [xundo]

Damn! Boortz Does it Again!! (USA) [xundo]


So you love jesus do you? (Atheistville) pic [xundo]

re Games people play (Woodstock) [xundo]

fine, if i must spell it like seuss [xundo]

re: do women today suck this bad? (Atlanta) [xundo]

Do women today really suck this bad? (Atlanta) [xundo]

Russians love Americans (White southern superman) pic [xundo]

Mighty north, must receive free gov't shit (gwinnett) [xundo]

Friendship Tower (Atlanta) pic [xundo]

cam newton's tantrum (waaah) [xundo]

Do you have a sin? [xundo]

CALL IT WHAT IT IS.....or are you to stupid? (.) [xundo]

Me , Neither! (USA) [xundo]

Reply-I lost my marriage [xundo]

re - How I Lost My Marriage ('lanta) [xundo]

Why does media cram blacks down our throats? [xundo]

Watching black reality shows on Bravo. [xundo]

All Day Long (58) pic [xundo]

re; Games people play [xundo]

How I Lost My Marriage [xundo]

re: RE: re: RE: re: RE: re: Corporate Welfare by the Numbers (Woodsto [xundo]

Corporate Welfare by the Numbers [xundo]

Sunday pic [xundo]

I hate you God. The MYTH, exposed. (Lost my faith) [xundo]

Is There a Law? (USA) [xundo]

I'm white and a cop almost shot me once (White person) pic [xundo]

Eric you a dickweed (Trump) [xundo]

re: RE: re: RE: re: Corporate Welfare by the Numbers (Woodstock) (Woo pic [xundo]

Truth about USA, fake freedom and BS discrimination (fked up USA) [xundo]

Truth ! Ukraine run by Nazi dictator, Russia Always looking for peace (misinformed country) [xundo]

BRICS and SCO Begining of new world, no more USA domination (expowerfull usa) pic [xundo]

Trump is the best!!! [xundo]

Pair of Military? Paramilitary? (Buhhead) [xundo]

re;re; Mr.Trump will you pledge....(Sheepherder) (58) pic [xundo]

if Mr.Trump is President pic [xundo]

re; Cheap Indians (58) [xundo]

re:Mr.Trump will you pledge.... (Sheepherder) [xundo]

re:Flagged, again [xundo]

Cheap Indians! (Everywhere) [xundo]

Trump (58) [xundo]

Dear Black Folks (