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Struggling with decisions just want to let it out....

Re:Falcons suck (Hot'lanta)

Re:damn racist idiots - 27 (Atlanta)

197 Blacks and animals 197 (Redneck Rick)

Threats in Europe

Change you CAN believe in. pic

beating swords into food stamps pic

What scandal?? pic

197 life's origin. wasnt apefrica 197 (Redneck Rick)

RE: Beliefs (Woodstock ) pic

Islamic tolerance pic

60 Craigs list "free Stuff" protocol 60 pic

197 spelling nazi 197 (Redneck Rick)

Is it possible?

just looking for and open-minded texting friend ( anywhere)

Why I will continue to vote Democrat (Proud of it.)

RE: Re: RE: Brothers By Different Mothers (Woodstock (Woodstock ) pic

RE: Brothers By Different Mothers (Woodstock ) pic

RE: RE: Is it just me?!? - 32 (Acworth)

69 Bringing the Pain! 69

RE: Is it just me?!? - 32 (Acworth) pic

Re: Re: Shermantown ie: stormy night (Conyers Newman) (amateur gumshoe )

Are you feeble minded? pic

RE: RE: Petition to officially call all white people "EUROAMERICANS - (Woodstock ) pic

28 to all the lard butt whales @ suzannas 28 (duluth)

32 Re: the Liar of a Husband 32 (Duluth)

99 sony hack-- what everyone is missing 99 pic

99 Husband is a Liar 99 (Duluth )

32 Is it just me?!? 32 (Acworth)

55 Wonder why ALL other races of women are more attractive than Negro 55 (womenses is?.WTF Shaneequa?)

33 Why Americans FAT !!?? Simple Answer 33 (Slave has to be Dependent .) pic

RE: Scientists say all humans came from Africa (Atheistville) (Woodstock ) pic

Black kills Asian and Latino! (truthtown)

RE: Scientists say all humans came from Africa (Atheistville) (Woodstock ) pic

RE: Scientists say all humans came from Africa (Process of natural sel (Woodstock ) pic

Re: This guy needs your help (SCAM) pic

Cops Lives Matter...no mention of race? (Flowery Branch)

re: 3 more shop lifting days (ESOM HILL NECK STRETCHER) pic

Keurg K cup 2.0 Hack. (Marietta)

How do you rationalize this? (Woodstock ) pic

197 Underground Apelanta 197 (Redneck Rick)

62 Re: The KKK Does Exist - 154 62 (way outside of 285)

54 Where are the local Asian ladies 54 (Lawrenceville)

30 Just need to vent... 30

Inequality (truthtown)

Re:Fuck the police (thats what i said)

Re: RE: Im going to prison! Help!

47 POOR quailty DECK PRO in larenceville 47 (lawrenceville)

197 Ragheads in Kennesaw 197 (Joe Tex) pic

Religion of Peace and Love (Kennesaw)

47 Kennesaw is a joke 47

69 Mike Smith 69 (Atlanta)

52 The sleeping Giant 52

52 Karen Pearce 52 (decatur ga)

52 Whites Unite 52 (decatur ga)

197 Aussies and stupid lawsuits 197 (Redneck Rick)

The GREAT Christian conflict (truthtown)

197 Old muff diving geezer and hookers 197 (Redneck Rick)

Re:Lupita Nyong'o is beautiful? (Huh?)

42 Ut Oh, Spaghetti-O! 42 (Gainesville) pic

Re:Re:re; runner up time person of the year

RE: re; runner up time person of the year (Woodstock ) pic

Re: Dallas Tire

48 Used Car 48 (Buford) pic

RE:RE Re:Bernie Madoff and thieving leroys - 54 (GV)

Just another reason to be fed up with blacks

59 debtors, banks and laws 59 (Scott The Repo Man)

Re:Bernie Madoff and thieving leroys (yea ok)

Re:Make A Change Against Police Brutality (chamblee

55 Mccain. Rick, Bernie, and black killers 55 (Roswell)

197 Bernie Madoff and thieving leroys 197 (Redneck Rick)

197 Dating addicts and leroys 197 (Redneck Rick)


Failed Experiment.... (USA)

RE: Whites vs. Blacks (America) (Woodstock ) pic

it must just be me...

197 fat girls and tattoos 197 (Redneck Rick)

Doug Hughes Gutter Service aka Scam Artist (Cartersville / Douglasville)

fat people...who...why...how...

54 fat guys with bucks 54 (Woodstock)

fat girls

30 RE: Good Cop Stories 30 (Roswell)

39 The fiyture of White people in America 39 (North of 285)

197 fat girls and WTF 197 (Redneck Rick)

197 Solution to the TNB problem. 197 (Redneck Rick)

59 good cop stories. 59 (Marietta)

61 re mandatory breaks 61 (D'ville)

It's Time for GOOD COP news!! (truthtown)

58 mandatory breaks. 58 (DAVE)

The facts on Democrats, Republicans (Woodstock ) pic

197 Are you informed about obama voters? 197 (Redneck Rick)

55 false facts from the libcoon 55 (Joe Tex)

Gotta hand it to the libs (Woodstock) pic

34 RE you might be a black parent if 34 (40 Mighty North)

197 coon-caskets for leroys 197 (Redneck Rick)

Re: The Great Depression is about to hit, yet again 2015

234 Dumb Leroy at it again 234 (Roswell)

197 This is not the section for whores 197 (Redneck Rick) pic

My mother's love (Checked Out )

Re:Sandwich of the Day

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