Kestrel Talon Carbon TT/Triathlon bike Shimano 105 52cm - $875 (Decatur)

Kestrel Talon Carbon TT/Triathlon bike Shimano 105 52cm 1 thumbnailKestrel Talon Carbon TT/Triathlon bike Shimano 105 52cm 2 thumbnailKestrel Talon Carbon TT/Triathlon bike Shimano 105 52cm 3 thumbnailKestrel Talon Carbon TT/Triathlon bike Shimano 105 52cm 4 thumbnailKestrel Talon Carbon TT/Triathlon bike Shimano 105 52cm 5 thumbnailKestrel Talon Carbon TT/Triathlon bike Shimano 105 52cm 6 thumbnailKestrel Talon Carbon TT/Triathlon bike Shimano 105 52cm 7 thumbnail
bicycle type: road
frame size: 52cm
wheel size: 700C
bicycle frame material: carbon fiber
suspension: none (rigid)
brake type: caliper
handlebar type: triathlon
electric assist: none
condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Kestrel
model name / number: Talon
The name Kestrel defined the modern cycling world when in 1986, the company debuted the first monocoque carbon road racing bicycle in the world. From that moment on, Kestrel, with its iconic bird of prey logo, has represented innovation and excellence in the cycling world. The fearsomely named Talon is Kestrel's newest triathlon/aerobike offering. Designed with the flexibility of being configured as either a full triathlon/time trial bike or an aero road bike based on handlebars this bike was built with versatility in mind, allowing you to transcend between both worlds with a swap of a cockpit rather than a new bike.

Here is a full carbon fiber Kestrel Talon (Tri configuration) equipped with a full 2x10 speed Shimano 105 groupset rolling on an Oval Concepts 530 aerodynamic wheelset with the rear wheel custom fit into aero-disc wheel by using an aerodynamic jacket cover to simulate the carbon disc wheels that cost thousands of dollars. This creates a light and quick-steering front mated to a super aerodynamic rear. Tires are Italian Vittoria Rubino/Zaffiro Pro clinchers. Triathlon bikes specialize at aerodynamics keeping the bike cruising as fast as possible for the same rider power input; they also position you more directly over the crankset to work a separate muscle group in the legs to avoid exhaustion in the running muscles in order to produce irrefutably better results over traditional road bikes in triathlon races.

The frame is a 52cm so I'd expect a rider of 5'5"-5'11" to fit this bike depending on personal preference, body proportions, and configuration of parts. The carbon aero seatpost uses a sliding rail design that is in addition to the ability to normally slide the seat by the seat rails so this greatly increases the range of ride height the bike can accomodate; also allows one to go from traditional road geometry to time trial/triathlon geometry. Shifts are silent and precise and wheels roll smooth and true; drive train runs like silk. Bike is blazing very fast on Silver Comet trails and a fantastic way to try out triathlon/ time trial bikes without plunking down a ton of cash for one. This bike needs no service; it looks and performs like new.

This bike was $2,500 ($2,700 with tax) when it debuted but still currently on sale for $1,600 plus tax, which is $1,728 (see link). Consider the aero wheel cover free! Selling for just $875.

This bike is currently on sale for $1,600($1,728 with tax) down from the original price of $2,500 ($2,700 with tax):

Riders' Reviews (4.5/5 stars with 24 reviews!!):
"over 40,000 miles on it. It weighs a bit over 17 pounds, but is very aerodynamic. The roads where I live are in bad shape--patched, full of holes, bumps, and cracks--but I have had no problems with the frame."

"Comfortable in the saddle, descends like a it's namesake, stiff when it needs to be. On the flats speed is just a stroke away. People love the black and red color scheme."

"When the road is flat this is my bike of choice. On descends, people are surprised when I blow past them about 10mph. On the flats, in a group, I am usually about one or two gears lower. Who should buy this: People that to stand out when they pull to the line. You will received second looks and compliments. People are part of the herd should avoid this bike because youi will not blend in with the pack."

"1. Straight-line aerodynamics. Yes, this bike is very fast on the flats and gentle rollers.
2. Cornering. Not a crit bike for sure, but carving down a mountain pass at 55mph it is steady & will go where you point it--thankfully!
3. Solid "feeling" bike. Inspires confidence.
4. Steady handling. Likes to go straight, so feel free to sit up and say, "look ma, no hands."
5. Dressed up right, a very sexy bike."

"This bike is BOMBPROOF, unexpected potholes, railroad crossings, chipseal roads, and i am no 130lbs pip squeak, but a 190+lbs clydesdale. The bike just eats up them all and keeps on ticking. For the first 200 or so miles i felt like i was always riding on a flat the bike is so smooth. But it is no sloutch stiffness wise."

"I have had my bike for more than two years now and have riden it for several thousands of miles. Over that time I have come to really love this bike. In all the time I have had it, I haven't had any problems. The ride is smooth, it handles great, is very stable,(even in the aero position) and this bike is strong. Unfortunately for my bike,I am a big guy, (250 lbs.) and after all the miles and all the rough roads I have never had problems with my Talon. I can honestly say, I would recommend this bike to anyone. I am a very happy customer."

I'm in Decatur near Emory/Toco Hills but pickup is also possible in Doraville during work hours. If interested, please call or text Victor at 6one9-665-7388. Thanks for looking!

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