Ridley Helium SL 14lb Carbon Road Bike SRAM Red Tour de France Winner 58cm - $2,000 (Decatur)

Ridley Helium SL 14lb Carbon Road Bike SRAM Red Tour de France Winner 58cm 1 thumbnailRidley Helium SL 14lb Carbon Road Bike SRAM Red Tour de France Winner 58cm 2 thumbnailRidley Helium SL 14lb Carbon Road Bike SRAM Red Tour de France Winner 58cm 3 thumbnailRidley Helium SL 14lb Carbon Road Bike SRAM Red Tour de France Winner 58cm 4 thumbnailRidley Helium SL 14lb Carbon Road Bike SRAM Red Tour de France Winner 58cm 5 thumbnailRidley Helium SL 14lb Carbon Road Bike SRAM Red Tour de France Winner 58cm 6 thumbnailRidley Helium SL 14lb Carbon Road Bike SRAM Red Tour de France Winner 58cm 7 thumbnailRidley Helium SL 14lb Carbon Road Bike SRAM Red Tour de France Winner 58cm 8 thumbnail
bicycle type: road
frame size: 58cm Large
wheel size: 700C
bicycle frame material: carbon fiber
suspension: none (rigid)
brake type: caliper
handlebar type: drop
electric assist: none
condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Ridley
model name / number: Helium SL
At the closing stretch of Stage 9 at the 101st Tour de France, Frenchman Tony Gallopin made his attack to the finish line. Separating himself from the leading Peloton, he gazed back and saw his fears come true. Following close behind was Peter Sagan, World Champion, sprinting legend and the stage favorite. Sagan was poised to do what he did best: follow the leader, resting in his air vacuum until the final few hundred meters, then open up an undefendable attack to win. Gallopin knew that his only chance was to attack again to open space and deny Sagan his vacuum before the last piece of the puzzle could fall in place. And with that, he began another maddening burst of speed, his whole body sore and his legs on fire. He saw his distance to the finish line close and could not shake the dreaded feeling that he was about to be upstaged from behind. Unable to resist the urge, he took one glance back and to his shock and relief, saw that Sagan was not there. Tony Gallopin's final attack had been too fast for his Czech pursuer to keep up with. In gratitude to his steed, Gallopin looked down at his bike and it answered back the same 3 words it had ever uttered to him: "Ride Your Dream." At the 101st Tour de France, Tony Gallopin won stages 9 and 11 atop his Ridley Helium SL and paved the way for this commemorative edition paint-scheme.

Tested tough on the cobblestone Belgian streets, Ridley sits as one of the most recognized and desired names in professional cycling. Well aware of their standing, the company has adopted, "Ride Your Dream" as their motto, boldly emblazoned onto the top tubes of their bikes so that looking down, one will always be reminded of the outstanding quality of the steed even as it disappears beneath a rider emersed in his experience. The lightest noble gas on the periodic table with an atomic weight of 2, the element helium was named after Helios, the Greek God of the Sun and is often called upon for its lightness to lift inflatables up to the size of blimps high into the air. The Ridley Helium SL is a designed as a climber's dream, to weigh as little as it legally can while transferring every ounce of pedalling power into your ascent.

Here is a carbon fiber Ridley Helium SL frameset in Retro Tour de France edition, the same model as the one ridden by Gallopin to his victories, on a carbon fiber fork equipped with SRAM Red's lightest groupset in history rolling on a buttery smooth Shimano RS80 c24 clincher wheelset wrapped in German Continental GP4000 700c racing tires. The groupset is stock-equipped on the base Ridley Helium SL 10, a $10,000 bike (see pics) swapped over to this same Ridely Helium SL frame in limited edition coloring and at a mere ~1,700 grams, is the lightest groupset ever produced in SRAM's history. It is some 800 grams lighter than a $4K+ SRAM Red AXS groupset that you could buy at a bike shop today. The Shimano RS80 C24 wheelset is an amazing design; retailing for $1K, this wheelset packs an enormous bang for the buck with aluminum braking mated to a 24mm depth carbon rim and spokes that are the same as the ones used for the Dura-Ace C24 clinchers. The hubs are the same as the ones used on Shimano Ultegra wheelsets, which means that this wheelset sits above Ultegra and below Dura-Ace on Shimano's hierarchy but with a weight distribution that feels and acts much much closer to Dura-Ace since the rotating mass of the wheel is all on the spokes and rims, which are Dura-Ace.

This bike weighs 14.37lbs on my scale, so that with the addition of pedals and bottle cages, it will reach the 15lb legal limit to race. That means that this bike currently weighs less than any bike at any UCI-santioned race including the Tour de France, which is filled with $15K+ bikes that weigh more! And what's more, this bike is currently set up for everyday training and use; with heavily-wrapped Lizard Skin bar tape and light clincher wheels that are easy to service. If you wanted to unleash the Demon in it, a reduction of tape to a lighter, less padded/grippy one plus a tubular wheelset will easily put this bike into the high 12 to low 13 pound range, a race-illegal machine made just for you to go wild!

It is a size 58cm large and I'd expect a rider of 5'9"-6'3" to fit this bike depending on personal preference, body proportions and configuration of parts. Cosmetically, the bike is basically in like new condition and mechanically, it rides perfectly: shifts are silent and precise; brakes are crisp and effective and wheels roll smooth and true. Needs no maintenance or tune-up, everything works like just out of the factory.

MSRP on a Ridley Helium SL 10 in regular colors is $10K. It's difficult to gauge the price difference for the Retro Tour de France edition paint scheme so we'll call it a free bonus. The $10K price comes with a pair of Zipp 202 wheels with an MSRP of $2,725; the current Shimano RS80 C24 wheels that replaced them weigh basically 100 grams more, can with stand everyday riding and training, and were just $1K. That's a $1,725 difference, making this bike come in at about $8,275 MSRP, which is $8,937 with 8% tax. Selling for just $2K!

Stock bike MSRP $10,000:

Stock wheelset MSRP $2,725:

Subbed out for Shimano RS10 C24 Wheelset MSRP $1,000:

$10,000-$2,725+$1,000=$8,725 x 1.08 (8% tax) = $8,939 Total New Cost. Selling for just $2K.

Wheelset Review (Bike Review following):
"Their first test came at a town criterium where they were noticeably easier to spin up to speed out of the 3 hairpin corners (yes it was a very painful race!).

Next up was the local weekly crit on a purpose built cycling track. Here they were their usual confident selves, to be honest they are so good all round they don’t often get considered/blamed for me blowing after 15 mins of racing!

The final and probably hardest outing for them was the 24 hour race we did, I clocked up 6 1/2 hours on a concrete runway which had unavoidable jarring and punishing joints between the concrete slabs. Get it wrong like I did at dusk and you actually do apologise to your bike and wheels for what you’ve just ridden through – although they seemed to forgive me!

Throw in a couple of 10’s, a never again uphill TT and the rigours of training on the Lake District’s roads and they have held up and remain remarkably true and rattle free.

I heartily recommend these to anyone in the market for an all round wheel (if you pardon the pun). If you’re looking at keeping speed up through winter or are just hitting race season this is your wheel."

Bike Review (Victorious at the Tour de France; what more can be said?):
Tony Gallopin’s yellow Ridley Helium SL

Frenchman Tony Gallopin (Lotto-Belisol) rode himself into the the overall of the Tour de France on yesterday’s 161.5km 9th stage which means as well as starting today’s stage in the yellow jersey, he’ll be riding a specially prepared yellow Ridley Helium SL."

https://www.bikeradar.com/reviews/bikes/road-bikes/ridley-helium-sl-review (5/5 stars!!)
"The Ridley was born to climb, but is no slouch between the peaks either

• Highs: Efficiently rapid, superlight and with floaty comfort
• Lows: From the saddle you can’t see that glorious groupset…
• Buy If: You have deep pockets and want something very special

The Helium SL doesn’t trade strength and stiffness for lightness – its monocoque front triangle, slimmer head tube, specifically placed high modulus carbon and nano resin ensures less material, less weight and greater rigidity.

It would be wrong to pigeonhole the Helium SL as a climber’s bike at the expense of all other aspects of racing. It’s as efficiently stiff when sprinting and as confident handling as almost any other equivalent top flight machine, but boasts impressive comfort levels and, of course, climbs like a goat. Its docile character makes its extensive performance envelope very accessible, with refined manners that seemingly allow you more time to think, however fast you’re travelling."

I'm in Decatur near Emory/Toco Hills but pickup is also possible in Doraville during work hours. Please call 6one9-665-7388 for Victor if interested. Thanks for looking!

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