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Over 75 books and booklets on gold prospecting in general and specifically in Alabama and North Carolina, plus a few for California and finding gold in the desert. Most of the items relating to Alabama and North Carolina come with one or more full size fold out maps. Prices are listed with each item but if you buy in bulk I will add an additional discount.

General Books on Gold Prospecting

Art of Dry Washing or Finding Gold in the Desert by Otto E. Lynch, H&H Printers, 1979 - $3

Best of Buzzard: The Wit and Widsom of the “Father of Recreational Gold Prospecting” by George “Buzzard” Massie, 1997 - $1

California Gem Trails by Darold J. Henry, 1977 - $8

Camper’s Desert by Betty Tucker, La Siesta Press, 1971 - $9

Desert Gem Trails by Strong, Gembooks, 1971 - $10

Dredging for Gold: The Gold Divers’ Handbook by Matt Thornton, Keene Industries, 1979 - $9

Extraction of Free Gold (Virgin Placer Gold) by Al McGowen, H. Glen Carson Enterprises, 1973, (60 page booklet) -$3

Gold Diggers Atlas (64 pages) by Robert Neill Johnson, Cy Johnson & Son, 1975 - $2

Gold Fever and the Art of Panning and Sluicing (70 pages) by Lois De Lorenzo, ATR Enterprises, 1970 - $2

Gold Miners Pocket Companion (60 pages) by Bob Bigando, Jr., Globe Enterprises, 1980 - $2

Gold Panning & Prospecting for Fun and Profit by Elton Rodman, 1967 - $1

Gold Panning with Prospector John, 1971 - $2

Gold…ABCs of Panning! By E.S. “Rocky” LeGaye, Western Heritage Press, 1975 - $3

Goldrock Facts and Folktales by Iva L. Geisinger, 1973, D’Angelo Publishing - $3

GPAA 2001 Claims Club Membership Mining Guide - $4

Handbook for Amateur Skin Diver Prospectors (booklet) by Michael A. Lima – Free with Purchase

High Mountains and Deep Valleys by Lew and Ginny Clark, 1978 - $8

How and Where to Pan Gold (72 pages), with Maps, Photos and Drawings (booklet) by Wayne Winters, Nugget Publishing - $2

How to Mine and Prospect for Placer Gold, US Dept of the Interior, 1971 (pamphlet) Free with purchase

How to Refine Your Gold from Scrap or Dust (article) – Free with purchase

Jerry Keene’s Gold in a Campground (pamphlet) - $1

Origin and Nature of Ore Deposits by Robert Tunstall Walker and Woodville Joseph Walker, The Walker Associates 1956, 1st Edition - $4

Placer Miners Alchemy Cookbook: Invisible Gold Recovery by Robin Lee, 1980 - $4

Prospecting for Lode Gold (50 pages) by Gregory Stone, Dorrance and Company, 1975 - $2

Publications of the geological survey 1879 – 1961 - $8

Publications of the geological survey 1962 – 1970 - $8

Road to Gold by Kitty Looper, Little London Press, 1976 - $2

Silver Stampede: The Career of Death Valley’s Hell Camp, Old Panamint by Neill C. Wilson, Rio Grande Press, 1987 reprint from 1937 - $4

Treasure Hunters Digest by Jack Lewis, Digest Books - $5

United States Mining Laws and Land Office Rules by Gold Prospectors Association of America, 1981 - $4

Weekend Desert Rat by A.H. Ryan (booklet) 1970 - $1

Week-End Gold Miner by A.H. Ryan, Gemguides Book Company, 1978, $1.95 (64 pages) - $1

Weekend Prospector: Where to Look and How to Pan for Gold (16 page booklet) by Verne C. Hunt, 1979 - $2

Western Gem Hunters Atlas by Cy Johnson & Son, 1973 - $6

Where to Prospect in the 50 States by George Hayes, Nugget Publishing, 1964 (88 page booklet - $2

Yarns of Gold from Auraria by Amy Trammell as told to Betty H. Waters, (about Dahlonega, GA) 1979 - $35

Alabama Gold Prospecting Books and Maps

Books (many with maps)

A Preliminary Report on the Upper Gold Belt of Alabama, Bulletin No. 5, Part I, Geological Survey of Alabama, 1896, 201 pages, self-binding - $5

Alabama Gold: A Guide to Alabama’s Gold Belt, East Central Alabama by Patricia Pitts, 1980 booklet - $1

Alabama Gold: A Guidebook for Prospectors and Mine Operators, by Thomas Simpson and Thornton Neathery, Circular 104, 169 pges, Geological Survey of Alabama, 1980 - $40

Base and Precious Metal and Related Deposits of Alabama by Suzanne I. Spaine, Circular 55, Geological Survey of Alabama, 1969, 93 pages, self-binding - $5

Geological Survey of Alabama: History and Work of Geological Surveys and Industrial Development in Alabama, by Walter B. Jones, Geological Survey of Alabama, Bulletin No. 42, (114 pages) 1935 - $5

Geology and Mineral Resources of Clay County with Special Reference to the Graphite Industry by William Frederick Prouty, County Report No. 1, Geological Survey of Alabama, 1923 - $6

Geology of the Alabama Tin Belt by Frank R. Hunter, Geological Survey of Alabama, Bulletin 54 (58 pages with maps), 1944 - $5

Geology of the Lineville East, Ofelia, Wadley North and Mellow Valley Quadrangles, Alabama, Bulletin 109, 118 pages, Geological Survey of Alabama, 1975 - $10

Gold Deposits of Alabama and Occurrences of Copper, Pyrite, Arsenic and Tin, Geological Survey of Alabama, Bulletin 40 (90 pages) - $10

Gold Deposits of Alabama by George Adams, Bulletin 40, Geological Survey of Alabama, 1930, 91 pages, self-binding - $5

Gold Values of Samples From the Devils Backbone Area, Tallapoosa County, Alabama, Circular 67, Geological Survey of Alabama, 18 pages, 1970 - $25

Mineral Resources of Cleburne County, Alabama, Map 173 (29 pages + map), Geological Survey of Alabama, 1982 - $2

Mineral Resources of Coosa County, Alabama, Map 152 (19 pages + map), Geological Survey of Alabama, 1977 - $2

Mineral Resources of Talladega County, Alabama, Map 174 (32 pages + map), Geological Survey of Alabama, 1984 - $2

Resource and Beneficiation Studies of Copper-Bearing Pyrite Ore, Pyriton, Clay County, Alabama, Circular 27 (26 pages with maps), Geological Survey of Alabama, 1964 - $2

Rocks and Minerals of Alabama: A Guidebook for Alabama Rockhounds, Circular 38, Geological Survey of Alabama, 1966, 106 pages with maps - $4

Soil Survey of Alabama by Lawson D. Spivey, Jr., US Dept of Agriculture - $40

Soil Survey of Chilton County, Alabama by L. Cantrell and W.E. Wilkinson, U.S. Dept of Agriculture, 1913 (includes map) - $5

Soil Survey of Clay County, Alabama by Arthur E. Taylor, E. S. Vanatta, U.S. Dept of Agriculture, 1916 (includes map) - $5

Soil Survey of Cleburne County, Alabama by H.G. Lewis and C.S. Waldrop, U.S. Dept of Agriculture, 1915 (includes map) - $5

Soil Survey of Cleburne County, Alabama by Lawson Spivey, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1979 (in a brown accordion folder with several maps - $30

Soil Survey of Randolph County, Alabama by R.T. Avon Burke, McGehee and Wilkinson, U.S. Dept of Agriculture, 1912 (includes map) - $5

Soil Survey of Talladega County, Alabama by Charles Mooney and Charles Mann, U.S. Dept of Agriculture, 1908 (includes map) - $5

Structure and Petrography of the Hillabee Sill and Associated Metamorphics of Alabama, Bulletin 63 by Robert H. Griffin, Geological Survey of Alabama, 1951, (73 pages with map) - $10


Geological Map of Clay County, Alabama, by William F. Prouty, Geological Survey of Alabama, 1922 - $8

Soil Map of Tallapoosa County, US. Geological Survey, 1909 - $8

North Carolina Gold Prospecting Books and Maps


Bureau of Mines Mineral Yearbook (North Carolina entries for 1974, 1975, 1976) - $8

CID Mining District of Davidson County, North Carolina, by Joseph E. Pogue, Jr., Bulletin No. 22, North Carolina Geological and Economic Survey, 1910, 140 pages with map - $10

Geology and Mineral Resources of North Carolina by Jasper Stuckey and Warren G. Steel, Educational Series No. 3 (35 pages), North Carolina Dept of Conservation and Development, 1953 - $15

Gold Resources of North Carolina by P.A. Carpenter, III, Information Circular 21 (36 pages), North Carolina Dept of Natural Resources and Community Development, 1978 - $17

Golden Promise in the Piedmont: The Story of John Reed’s Mine by Rochard F. Knapp, 1975, - $15

North Carolina Gold: A Selected Bibliography of Mining History, Technology and the Reed Gold Mine by Richard F. Knapp, Gold History Corporation, 1978 - $2

The Mining Industry in North Carolina During 1907 by Joseph Hyde Pratt, Economic Paper No. 15, (176 pages), 1908 North Carolina Geological and Economic Survey - $15

The Mining Industry in North Carolina During 1913-17 by Herman S. Bryson, Economic Paper Number 64 (137 pages), 1937 North Carolina Dept of Conservation and Development - $10

The Mining Industry in North Carolina During 1929 to 1936 by Joseph Hyde Pratt and Miss H. M. Berry, Economic Paper Number 49 (170 pages), 1919 North Carolina Geological and Economic Survey - $10

The Mining Industry in North Carolina from 1927 to 1928 by Herman S. Bryson, Economic Paper Number 63 (154 pages), 1930 North Carolina Dept of Conservation and Development - $10

Big Ten’s Map of North Carolina Gold ($64.96 from the company that makes the maps) Will sell for $40


GOLD! Magazine Issues:
First Edition, 1969 – front cover has come loose
Second Edition, 1970
Third Edition -1971
Fourth Edition - 1971
Summer 1971
Spring 1972

All six magazines for $4


A yellow note pad with my father’s notes and handrawn maps of places in Alabama to look for gold – Free with purchase of $40 or more

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