Shimano RS81 C35 35mm Aero Carbon/Alum Clincher 9-12 speed Road Bike MSRP $1300 - $400 (Decatur)

Shimano RS81 C35 35mm Aero Carbon/Alum Clincher 9-12 speed Road Bike MSRP $1300 1 thumbnailShimano RS81 C35 35mm Aero Carbon/Alum Clincher 9-12 speed Road Bike MSRP $1300 2 thumbnail
part type: wheels and wheel parts
condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Shimano
model name / number: WH-RS81-C35-CL-R
Shimano's humble beginnings from one man renting the after hours of Japanese factory floor to the undisputed mega-corp giant of smooth-rolling ball bearings today is a story of inspiration for the cycling (and fishing) world.

Testament to Shimano's smoothness, here is a pair of Shimano RS81 C35 Carbon Clinchers with Shimano/SRAM cassette body that will fit cassettes from 9-12 speeds. Freehub body shows absolutely NO cassette bite at all; looks new. The RS81 construction uses Ultegra hubs mated to Dura-Ace rims and spokes and these come with aluminum braking tract so you don't have to switch to carbon brake pads. These are in excellent cosmetic condition and perfection functional condition with a fresh looking cassette body. Both roll smooth, round and true. Balanced aerodynamic wheelset that is an excellent addition to a TT/triathlon bike or to add a aerodynamic advantage to a road bike. Original Shimano quick releases included. MSRP was $1300 (in link) plus tax, (which is $1,404 at 8%); selling for just $400.

Professional Review (with price):
High quality wheels that are worth shopping around for

Shimano has a reputation for building wheels that last, largely thanks to its use of cup and cone bearings, which, if looked after, seem to go on forever.

On first impressions, the 11-speed-compatible RS81 C35s look to continue this tradition, with their stiff and sturdy mid-depth carbon laminate rims and their cup-and-cone hubs featuring wide flanges to add strength.

The 35mm deep rims are 20.8mm wide. They combine an aluminium braking surface – for consistent braking – with a top section made from a carbon/aluminium laminate. The bladed spokes attach to slightly bulged areas of the rim, which are designed for extra strength.

We found that these mid-depth rims do hold their speed well, and in sidewinds they’re confident and resist buffeting. The rim construction also adds to the wheels’ impressive stiffness, as do the wide flanges of the hubs.

The RS81 C35s are certainly decent wheels, especially if you’re looking for one set of wheels to do it all."

Pickup can be arranged in Decatur near Toco Hills or Doraville. If interested, please call or text 6one9-665-7388 for Victor. Thanks for looking!

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