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George Floyd Psyop (WorldWide)

Freemasons(Jesuits) and Vatican are at it again. Lady named Maya (Illusion) Santa Maria (Saint Mary) said both Chauvin and Floyd worked for her as a bouncer at a club in Minnesota. Now you got folks saying Floyd was in porn too. These folks are making a mockery of us. There was even prominent "6" on the trash can in one of the videos. Random bricks (sign of freemasonry) being delivered to different cities where riots were taking place, including here in Atlanta. Keisha lance bottoms is probably an eastern star, and Kemp a freemason as well, the male branch obviously. The double headed eagle tattoo on Floyd's chest, the freemason lefthand over right hand pose/stance. The knee on floyd's neck was not an accident, harking back to Colin Kapernick taking a knee a few years back. They are conditioning us. Stephen Jackson, Floyd's "twin" has connections to freemasonry, are they one in the same? You can see a picture of Floyd standing next to a 'Corona Light' poster paying homage to corona (sun/crown) Light (day) Sunday, day of the sun.

No, I'm not crazy. My grandmother was in freemasonry (she got out) and great aunt (her sister) was in freemasonry. I had a great uncle (her brother) in freemasonry that was buried with the full rites. I'm talking gentlemen with gloves and aprons and sashes. Don't let the lower level masons full you, the higher ups understand the coded symbolism. These people aren't even trying to hide it anymore. The blackout hash tags from celebrities. These folks ain't playing with y'all. That's how come you can see cops in new york running over folks in broad daylight, and in other cities shooting folks with pellets. They don't care anymore. If it has to be blood shed then so be it in their eyes. This is not a partisan post. I'm just telling you what it is. Trump and Obama are both "brothers in arms" playing "opposites" against each other. Same thing with Biden. These folks don't care about us. They have 1 agenda and 1 agenda only. To carry out the orders of the Vatican/Jesuits. These people want your worship and obedience.
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