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I need help!!

Growing up my mother always told us, not to be silent and if we need something; let someone know. Her exact phrase was "It's the squeaky wheel, that gets the oil". Later in life I learned her sentiments were also biblical - "You have not, because you ask not".

So in a nutshell here's the background:

I currently have 2 jobs. I have 3 Autistic, Non-Verbal nephews that I essentially co-parent. I transport them to their therapies and school daily. For the first time (since I've been an adult) I am without a vehicle and in debt with my nephews’ Special Needs Private School.

I am not irresponsible; I've been careful to make the right decisions and to live below my means. I saved up and prayed and was able to get one of my nephews in private school. However, I had a small amount left unpaid. I owned my vehicle, I had available funds on my credit cards and if things got tight, I had a cushion in savings that would cover the remaining balance. So, I signed and committed to pay for his education. I was determined to give him a chance to succeed. So, that's why making a promise to pay to his wasn't an issue.

"Life Happens"

However, immediately after signing the "Promise to Pay" my Expedition began to overheat, the heads needed replacing. I got that repaired quickly to prevent interruptions in my nephews’ schooling and therapies. After that the infamous Control Arms failed and needed replacing as well as the motor mounts. I got those replaced. In the next few weeks the car shutdown, had to be towed home. It wouldn't start, the mechanic said the motor was seized. His suggestion was to scrap it because the vehicle was older than 15yrs and the money I'd spent in a 30day period exceeded the value of the vehicle. As a short immediate fix, I entered the land of rental cars, in the end with all the car repairs, car rentals and tuition payments I maxed out my credit cards and emptied my savings account. Even though I've never missed any credit card payments, due to the high card balances, my credit score is low and therefore I do not qualify for a car loan or a personal.


As a result, I find myself in debt above my means. I have no car to get my nephews to school and therapy and I am still responsible for the remaining balance at my nephews’ school. I am in desperate need of help.

"I need your help"

Please don't think that a small donation won't help, because every little bit helps. If you won’t help or can't help, please at least share this.


I need $9400.00

Remaining balance for Tuition $4400.00

Estimated cost of a reliable vehicle (to transport 5) I'm guessing would cost at the most $5,000.

If you would like to contribute to the tuition only that will be fine and a huge blessing. If you want to pay directly to the school feel free to leave me your contact info and I will provide you with the information to pay directly to the school.

If you have a vehicle you'd like to donate or will allow me to pay for in full in installments, please let me know.

Again, I need your help and any help (prayer, monetary or information) will be greatly appreciated.

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