Earn While You Learn To Build Wealth in Real Estate

compensation: earn unlimited income - results dependent upon performance
Real Estate Investor Wealth Building Support Community Seeking Students Looking to Start or Scale a REI business!

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Welcome All to Day 1 Introduction - Get the EPIC Systems, Strategies, and Support to Become a Real Estate Investor!

Questions for you:
Have you been searching for a better way to learn to invest in real estate successfully?
Are you tired of the books, tapes, and seminar model of learning to invest in real estate?
Are you looking to start investing in real estate OR Are you looking to grow your existing real estate investing business beyond your imagination?
Are you looking for real estate investing strategies that work in this market today and not strategies that are outdated? Don't you think you need tips to thrive in today's market?
Want to get prepared for future changes in the real estate market and protect yourself from any economic shift that may occur?
Are you interested in building multiple income streams and simply killing it in today's real estate market?

Our solutions for you:
We have an EPIC (Education People Income Community) solution for you!
We have incorporated the 3S method (Systems, Strategies, Support) to providing you the best opportunity to become successful.

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Get the best Strategies to WIN:
Proven Acquisition Strategies(for today's market): you will learn ways to find and fund all types of real estate assets (such as single-family & multi-family property, commercial, land, tax liens, and even notes) using methods that many times don't require using any of your own cash or credit to acquire (Lease Options, Subject-To, Owner Financing, Land Contracts, and More) Strategies to develop multi-Income streams from one real estate asset - you will learn to get paid on the front end of a deal, on the back end of a deal, and even get cash flow in between! Strategies to get all the funding needed for continuous deals - unlimited private funding through self-directed retirement funds, life insurance, business credit funding, personally credit funding, and hard money funding if needed. Proven Exit Strategies (for today's market): Buy & Hold, Short Term Rentals (AirBNB), Lease Options, Fix & Flip, Wholesale (virtually), and More! Even learn proven creative financial strategies - pay of loan debt and save thousands in interest within 1/3 of the time, use life insurance as tool to build wealth, quickly improve and/or build your personal and business credit, and MORE!

Get the best Systems to become CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE :
Get access to software platform that streamlines your business and provides endless deals nationwide, limitless access to funding sources (private lenders and cash buyers), deal analysis, repair estimating, easy to create websites and landing pages, direct mail marketing, text marketing, and more all with the click of a few buttons.

Get the best Support to become SUCCESSFUL:
Get supported through multiple mediums: 1-on-1 coaching available (virtual - for those that qualify), group coaching (virtual - for all), and one the best ways is our community support (virtual and in most cities local live support - for all), phone customer support (for all). 24/7 access to training online.

We would like to invite you to an orientation to learn more about this EPIC 3S opportunity created just for YOU!...Yes YOU, the beginning investor looking to get started. Yes YOU, the experienced investor looking to grow, become consistently profitable, and stay ahead in todays market. Take the steps to recession proof your future. We take pride in making sure all of our trainees/students know what we know! We generate Massive Income through business in order to create Passive Income through Real Estate Investing and we are looking for people who want to learn about real estate investing, sharpen the skills they already have, or even make money by sharing this opportunity with others!

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FYI...This is a Day 1 Introduction of a 2 Day event. You must register with your phone number and email for both events. All attendees must register even guests that you invite. Once you register, you will receive an email and/or text message to confirm your reservation and that you are you. Once confirmed, we will send you a confirmation with the details of the orientation (web meeting info or office location). If you need immediate assistance, please use the contact above. Thanks!

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