Remote Technical Production Expert for Live Events

compensation: ~$40 - $55/hour

Cybis is a powerhouse, boutique-sized, creative media and event productions company. We produce awards ceremonies and motivational events across the nation. Our mission is to use the power of media to inspire our audience to achieve. See our work at www.thinkcybis.com

Benefits of working with Cybis:
-Team Cybis is 100% freelance/contractors, which means you have opportunities for growth, leadership roles, and enhanced earning potential
-You’ll earn prompt, competitive, 1099 compensation
-You’ll represent a company with an extraordinary portfolio
-You can put your experience to good use – enjoy making a positive impact on thousands of leaders
-You will work with a fun, committed, top-tier team with a high standard for superior shows
-You can travel from coast to coast

Learn more about all of the exciting benefits of
working with our team in our PROMO VIDEO:

Work directly with the Cybis producers to coordinate, direct, manage, negotiate, and work with all technical features of Cybis live shows. Collaborate with event Producers & Technical Producers to:
1) support pre-production of “event technology” for live “corporate theater” events
2) develop technical plans, diagrams, and RFPs,
3) organize and manage production teams in all disciplines (lighting/sound/video/etc),
4) coordinate with venues and negotiate with 3rd party vendors,
5) oversee the logistics and care of Cybis’ event technology inventory.

**The role consists of about 55% technical planning for specific shows, 30% coordinating a/v vendors and team, 10% HQ technical management, and 5% event creative conceptualization. If desired, the Technical Producer would have the opportunity to serve as on-site technical director for 5-15 multi-day events per year (local and out of state)

Additionally, this individual will support/lead our efforts to:
-Prepare and communicate event technical information to the on-site team to ensure an efficient technical setup; striving for a happy team, flawless shows, and a happy audience
-Recommend and provide solutions related to large-scale audiovisual for “corporate theater”
-Develop technical plans, wiring diagrams, warehouse pull sheets, and VectorWorks floor plans and rigging diagrams
-Coordinate venue services such as power and rigging, layouts, permits, and schedules
-Negotiate with vendors, especially to help serve non-profit clientele
-Participate in creative show meetings and assist the producers in developing new live experience concepts with the right technology while considering budget realities
-Optionally serve in a show role at our live productions, such as director, asst. director, LD, A1, camera op, etc. in order to provide value on-site in the time between setup & strike.
-Assist in developing stage designs utilizing Cybis’ scenic inventory
-Maintain proactive and timely communication with the Producers about project/work status. (incl. response time within 24 hours)
-Own related projects, establish timelines, and see them to completion on time
-Support the management of small warehouse team
-Estimating for new client projects
-Provide availability and time commitment for technical production meetings, technical logistics coordination
-Should be independently-motivated to provide excellence & results!

Proficiency required in:
-All event technology disciplines: Video/data projection, Theatrical Lighting, Camera, Switchers, Audio, LED, etc.
-Microsoft Office

Bonus points for experience in:
-Adobe Creative Suite
-Electronics Engineering/Troubleshooting
-Project Management

Qualities of an Ideal Candidate:
-Pre-existing source of income with availability to support/moonlight small projects with Cybis
-Commitment to deadlines (if you commit to getting something done, do it on time)
-Technical knowledge and capacity for leadership in technical projects
-Self-sufficient, task-driven, solution-oriented, ambitious

Examples of key deliverables on a first project:
-Production floorplan (either yourself via VectorWorks or leading one of our VW drafters with specific requests/directions).
-Wiring diagram (primarily video, but often power/lighting/audio) (typically prepared in LucidChart)
-Building our packing list via our cloud-inventory mgmt. system (“Current”) (everything from large items like projectors and screens to cables/lengths/adaptors/drape)
-Specifying recommended qty and dept for set/strike crew (local union labor)
-Possibly engage in communicating/coordinating some details with the venue

Full Technical Production project a nutshell (looking for support in these various areas):
1. Kick off meeting
-Capture all information from Executive Producer and previous documents/folders

2. Developing floorplans in Vectorworks.
-Please let us know if you know Vectorworks or are interested in learning. Alternatively, we work with a local fella who turns things around pretty quickly.
-For repeat events (which is most), floorplans already exist. UR goal is to continue to make them better (adding dimensions where needed, adjusting for anything we learned from previous show, add audio deets if they were omitted before, etc.

3. Developing wiring diagrams
-Video, lighting, power, audio, intercom.
-We have a library of every show for the past few years. Most of the time, a past diagram will get you 75% of the way with adjustments based on inventory (esp. overlapping shows) and set design.

4. Set design
-Most of our events benefit from just knowing available Cybis gear/scenic pieces because we should leverage what we own… sometimes we rent some other stuff, of course. We have a document that contains all scenic items Cybis owns and previous stage designs that we’ve done.

5. Creating a “Current” pack list, being mindful of overlapping events and weight limits

6. Vendors – managing any rentals and communication with vendors
-Includes negotiation, but we strive to be efficient with this… Aka, we negotiate with one prospective vendor and ask them for the price we want, so as not to waste lots of folks’ time

7. Labor – setup/strike crew support. Naming who we need and requesting from an established relationship (e.g. crew call, rhino) or [first] tapping the Executive Coordinator to invite whoever we know. By department.

8. Venue – power, rigging, internet needs

9. Packaging, transferring plans to the technical director (if a separate person)

10. Scheduling meetings with the Executive Producer
-From the EC: I try my best to minimize email (because even minimum email is a lot to keep up with) so although I’m good for quick questions on whatsapp at most hours of the day, anything beyond that is best in a 15 min, 30min, 1hr meeting – Versus countless back and forth emails.

11.Communication with the Executive Producer – just keeping him looped in, CC’d, weekly updates as needed on the progress of various categories. Generally this is best just tracked on a google sheet for everyone’s common knowledge.

LOCATION: 100% remote

TERM: ASAP, project by project basis.

SCHEDULE: Project-based. 2-8 hours with quick turnaround and commitment to deadlines.

EDUCATION: 4 year degree preferred

EXPERIENCE: 2+ Years (or equivalent) in industry

COMPENSATION: ~$40 - $55/hour.

To Apply: View our website at www.thinkcybis.com. Click on IMPRESS US.

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