Financial wealth program-500k funding x infinity! (atlanta)

We at the Business Resource Center have a financial wealth program nobody in the country has, if we accept you!
And it's fast. Real fast. You are only a few days to living the life. Use your good credit to create wealth not more liabilities like auto loans, etc.
This is not a funding process but a financial freedom program.

If you have solid Fico scores or know someone who does, you are close to becoming financially independent and out of the Rat Race in a week.

Use a startup or existing corporation to create unlimited wealth. With a company and a good Fico score we can get you up to $500,000 or more in a week. Don't use your personal Fico to put loans on, save it, lenders only check your personal scores to get business funding. There is no need to put loans on your personal files!

*The better thing is that you can do multiple corporations and get $500,000 time infinity!

*We have help for those with poor Fico scores but have funds to buy aged credit that we can put on your Fico. Yes we have them for real.
*We have a fast credit improvement up to 250 Fico points as well. Their is hope after all.
*If you don't have the funds for the credit or lines, just refer one single client with good Fico scores. Help them become financially free once and for all, and we will give you the extra profits to get yourself through this in a few weeks.

It's that simple, you are one good credit report from having all the money you ever want, but it gets better, we have passive auto pilot, make money while you sleep businesses that can make you millions in months.
For example:
*We do $100,000 independent movies for Netflix, etc. Profitable from day one.
*IPO's we do them in 6 months, and show you how to invest early and acquire $200,000 shares at $1 and turn to $5 for a million dollars times infinity.
*We have a fast food opportunity or investment that when it's franchised next year will make every everyone go from $60,000 to 1 Million per location.
*Refer clients to this wealth program and make around $10,000 per client. We make our fees after funding.

To get more info text us for a quick call.

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