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So I put this together to be a mobile rig. The XLR patch bay is linked to the D8 and the Quantum. The D8 is hooked up to the Quantum via adat. The 1/4" TRS sends from the Quantum as well as the main L/R are patched to the P48. The Behringer headphone amp has AUX inputs, and to have 4 separate headphone sends I just patch in to the P48 for whatever send I've made in whatever DAW. I have thankfully never had an issue running this rig. I used to run with another D8 for 24 inputs, and would even aggregate a firewire interface to have 32 inputs, and utilize the 8 sends for headphone and monitors for live improv performances and recording at the same time, (albeit on an iMac with 24 gb of ram, I don't know how it would perform with 8 but I've done 16 channels on 16 gigs of ram for years). All items include power supplies/IEC needed to operate. Also, I have the doors for the rack case and they will latch without unplugging any cabling.

Presonus Quantum TB2- 26x32 interface - $600
Presonus Digimax D8 preamp - $200
ART P48 TRS patch bay - $100
Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL 4 channel headphone amp - $60
ART PB 4x4 - $60
2x On-Stage RDLS3000 3U Shallow Locking Rack Drawer - $90 per
ART P16 XLR patch bay - $80
Gator GR-10L 10u rack case with heavy duty casters, 2 locking - $300

I'm willing to sell the entire rig, including the cabling (there are two 8 channel snakes, the 1/4" cables connecting everything, and the shorty XLR cables for the patch bay) for $1400. It's literally plug the AC cable from the PB4x4 and connect thunderbolt 2 cable to your computer and the entire rig is ready to roll.

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