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Arbery case (Nowhere Near)

So......the plot thickens.
I always find it amusing when the press wrongfully depicts a known criminal as a smiling, clean cut, innocent victim.
If you’ll recall they did that with Michael Brown, presenting him as an athlete & high school graduate rather than as the gun toting, thieving thug that he was.
The same is being done in the Arbery case. First published photos were of a clean cut young man’s yearbook photo.
Turns out he’s just another knuckle dragging thug with his pants down around his ass! Don’t they know it makes it harder to run from the PO-leece when your pants are down around their ankles? The ridiculous fashion statement labels them as so called “gang bangers” and draws scrutiny from the PO-leece.
The widely shown video of him innocently walking into a house under construction is another ploy. What do you think he was doing in there? Looking for a drink of water? Any REAL jogger brings their own water along on their run. They don’t wander around the neighborhood looking for a free faucet.
He was obviously casing the place for a future robbery. Anyone with any common sense would know a house under construction may have water OUTSIDE but none yet active INSIDE.
I’m not saying the guys who shot him were justified in doing so. But, on a more positive note, he has certainly been prevented from committing future crimes and, quite probably, years of incarceration.
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