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Reply-Why are we letting Biden take office???? (Realityville)

On January 6 VP Pence knew he had to do his Constitutional duty, and legally declare Biden our next President. I did not like that. I did like it that Trump got sent packing, but I had enough of Biden by 1995 and his mandatory minimum sentencing.

We allowed Biden to take office because he was legally elected starting with the most secure election we have had in Georgia since 1872. Your obviously just another clueless Trump Minion who won't let the facts get in the way of you making a decision. Consider listening to Trumps 1 hour phone call to our SOS, and then read Raffenspergers 10 page letter to Trump. Facts really do matter.

Your comment "Everyone knows Biden didn't win, not even close," is based completely on right wing nut misinformation. For starters any one who has done 2 minutes of research knows your 128 million voters number is waaaaaaay off.
The last ACCURATE count we have of registered voters is from our Census bureau in 2016 that showed there were 153 million registered voters that year. In 2020 there were 158 Million votes cast. Because of all the hype from both parties, it is easy for me to believe that another 5 million people legally registered to vote between 2017 and 2020. Please note the 2016 Census data also shows there are a total of 212 Million adults who are eligible to vote, but as of last November it appears only 158 Million of us have registered and actually voted.

My favorite example of all the LIES Trump told about the election was about the Dominion voting machines, and several right wing nut talking heads went with it. When Fox News was handed a 20 page letter from Dominions lawyers about all the lies they had spread and a possible defamation lawsuit, Fox (Fake) News quickly toned it down.

A lot of the right wing nut talking heads said their misinformation was protected by "free speech." But Tucker Carlson defended his misinformation by saying "every one lie's."

We heard from Trump right after his minions stormed the capitol building that it was not his supporters who did it, which would be the same people he told 1 hour earlier to "stop the steal," he said it was ant eye-tifia. And the right wing nut talking heads ran with that, and 74 million people believed them.
We quickly started learning and still are as more arrest are made, the people who tried to stop our Democratic form of election for the first time ever, were all Trump supporters.

I kinda feel sorry for that adult teenage boy from North metro ATL whose parents knew he was politically a mental case, but still took him to DC for Trumps rally. Or maybe his parents did not know, because politically they were idiots also? Either way he and a few hundred other people are going to forever be viewed as mentally disturbed Trump Minions, and when they try to get jobs, their future employers may not like what they find out about them on the internet.

Oh, the price of oil jumped up last year for the same reason it dropped so much in 2015, the Saudi's decided to make it so. Our election had nothing to do with it. Try reading a real financial article occasionally.

TDS comes in 2 forms. Trump Derangement Syndrome was first documented in Snowflakes who had mental break downs on election night 2016 when it was obvious Hillary had lost. It then spread quickly amongst liberals.

Trump Delusional Syndrome was first documented when President Trump started his trade war with China, and in less than 2 days wiped out soybean sales to China our farmers had spent the last 25 years building up to. Several small family farms went bankrupt, many more small farms did not get near the corporate welfare from Trumps $28 bailout that big corporations got. But yet those farmers kept supporting Trump because he "was getting tough with China."
Brazilian farmers also supported Trumps tariffs because they got the premium sales to China our farmers lost for 3 years, and now they are an established soybean supplier to China also.

China won Trumps Trade War, and the fact their imports here went up every year Trump was in office, and our Treasury Department started taking in an extra $100 Billion a year from the increased Tariffs Trump started that we the American consumers were paying, not China, proves it. But hey, don't let accurate numbers get in the way of what you choose to believe!

You need to stop being so obsessed with politics and get a girl friend. Boy friend?
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