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Radial Tonebone Trimode Tube OD/Dist - $110 (Ellijay / Atlanta)

Fantastic sounding and very versatile 12AX7 tube based overdrive/distortion, with 15v power supply. This unit was mounted as part of a display without the original back cover, the current one was custom built - see pics. $230 new.

Master controls for Drive Gain and EQ & Filter, separate OD/distortion controls for Drive level, Mid Boost, and output level. Works perfectly.

$110 cash. No response to lowballers, no games, no BS Gmail accounts.
I live in Ellijay but come to Atlanta at least once a week.

From the manual:
Like the award-winning Tonebone Classic, the Trimode is a
12AX7 tube-equipped hybrid distortion pedal that combines
the warmth and natural harmonic generation of a tube with the
dynamics and control of our unique overdrive circuit. Activate
the Trimode and toggle between clean "true bypass", crunchy
rhythm and searing lead tones with days-of-sustain for the ultimate live performance pedal.
The Trimode has three operational modes. The first mode is
true-bypass. In true-bypass mode, the clean sound of your amp
comes through without alteration. The second and third modes
are distortion channels 1 and 2. For the purposes of this manual
we will refer to channel-1 as rhythm and channel-2 as lead, as
this is how most players will use the Trimode.
The two distortion channels in the Trimode feature slightly different tonal structures that have been voiced for rhythm and lead
use. The difference between the channel voicing is subtle, yet
very musical. The Trimode’s rhythm channel is slightly tighter to
ensure the distinctiveness of each string is retained even when
the tone is highly saturated. For added control, rhythm channel1 is equipped with an intermediate drive gain for fine-tuning the
amount of distortion.
The lead channel's voicing offers slightly more mid-range to cut
through and extra sustain. Furthermore, each Trimode channel
has slightly different MID BOOST settings that let you fine-tune
the critical mid-range frequencies. To add even greater control
over your lead sound, channel-2 features a built-in effects loop.
The effects loop allows an echo, chorus or delay to be inserted
into the lead channel and be instantly activated when the lead
channel is engaged. One foot stomp gets you distortion with effects for solos that stand out from the mix. This is way cool!
The Trimode's EQ is a powerful tool that allows you to make a
subtle change in your tone or carve up the frequency response
for extremes. Both Trimode channels share the HIGH, LOW,
FILTER controls and the TOP END switch for controlling the
overall tone.
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