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Have Fun While Debunking Stupid Lies About The Trump/Russia Fantasy

Ask any moron dope that tells lies about Russia and Trump...ask why didn't Democrats impeach Trump over Russia Collusion?

Here is the answer: Because it was bull crap. They had NO evidence and they knew it. If they Had done so with their lie about Russia they knew that lie would have been exposed for the entire world to see. Instead they impeached Trump over a phone call that would have exposed the Biden crime family for who and what they were and the Democrats panicked. A bogus fake impeachment with no crime. Meanwhile they won't even release transcripts of Biden's calls with world leaders as were done with Trump. How is that for fair, honest and transparent?

Second: Ask what was gained in favor of Russia since it's to easy to blow up their phony lie about Trump Russia?

Answer: Putin got nothing under Trump in fact Trump provided Ukraine with LETHAL aid (Weaponry) that Obama was to chicken to provide the Ukrainians. Instead Obama sent non-lethal aid as in blankets and pillows. Under Bush, Putin got Georgia. Under Obama, Putin got Crimea and under Trump, Putin got nothing. If Trump was actually Putin's pal wouldn't he had gotten more than under Bush and Obama? Hmm... What about Obama being caught on a hot mic With Putin's place holder Medvedv caught on video saying "after my election I'll have more flexibility" to help Russia by killing our missile defense systems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPMDGLbmdgo. Then there's Hillary Clinton that sold Russia our Uranium and she belongs in prison but everyone already knows this.

Who really colluded with Russia and sold us out, Huh?

This is the tactic the bad guys or evil ones always use is to accuse people of the very things (Crimes they are committing) They thought they were smart and framed up and went after the people around Trump like Michael Flynn and Trump himself that they tried to frame would be their scapegoats. Now that they've been caught with solid evidence Trump is suing them. Now it's going to get very interesting to say the least. They are horse meat now. They messed with the wrong bull this time.

Keep in mind these are the same bunch that are so moronic they call Trump a Nazi. The first President to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Best friend as far as U.S. Presidents that Israel ever had. A President With Jewish children. Yeah, that's some Nazi.

See how insanely stupid their dumb lies and low IQ's are exposed when the light of day hit's them?
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