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Lessen or completely remove chronic back pain, neck pain or lower back pain

Alleviate circulation problems, insomnia, and inflammation

Alleviate breathing issues and pressure in the chest

Alleviate headaches and migraines

Strengthens the muscular system

Increase rest and relaxation

Protect against electromagnetic, groundwater and cosmic radiation.

Support and strengthen the immune system

Increase energy recovery of the body, which is important in recovery.

Speed up recovery after cancer treatment and faster healing from chronic diseases

Create a positive atmosphere, peaceful dreams and deeper rest during the night

Been known to help people overcome depression, sadness, and fear

Acts on the emotional / mental alignment

Been known to help reduce hyperactivity in children

Encourages creativity, can improve memory and faster learning

Learn More About Crystals & Gems
How Biocrystals Work in Our Bodies?

New Revolutionary Healing Technology
Have you been having back pain, migraines, pains in your neck, insomnia, and having a hard time getting comfortable on your bed and pillow to sleep at night?

It is time to get excited! A new revolutionary invention sourced from an ancient healing remedy called biocrystals is now available. With these biohealing mattresses, mattress pads, pillows, and hot & cold adjustable eye mask; you will finally get deep sleep, rejuvenation, pain relief, protection from electro-magnetic frequencies and radiation. There are so many more benefits.

Now you can have all the comfort of sleeping on a mattress that is comfortable, supportive, and having all the benefits offered by 18 biocrystals and gemstones, silver, gold, and charcoal finely crushed and inserted throughout the mattress foam. Sleepm has received numerous awards and trophies for their products and their company.

These beds are made and distributed throughout Canada and United States. We are receiving more testimonies every day of the amazing impact these mattresses are having on those who use them for only a thirty minute to an hour free therapeutic session. Imagine the benefits of sleeping on a Sleepm biohealing mattress every night for eight hours or more. We also have testimonies from those who have slept on them for a few months and are reporting not needing their surgeries anymore or being able to get off of their prescriptions medications for various diseases and cancers. In addition, many have noticed they are seeing fewer wrinkles, their skin is clearing up, and they are losing weight. People are sharing their healing testimonies with excitement!! You can listen to these video testimonies on our Video Blog and on the Reviews Page. You can order from anywhere in the United States. Shipping is FREE. These products are shipped through UPS from our Sleepm warehouse.

Don't live silently in your pain? Don't ignore the fact that you are sleeping less or not sleeping at all. These are signs that something is very wrong. Let these Biocrystal Beds, Pillows, Biohealing Pads, Eyemask, and more-work to improve your health and your life. If you have any questions please reach out to our Sleepm Authorized Distributor Bishop Brooks who informed you about these amazing biohealing products.

These products can only be purchased through our distributors. You also have the option to visit our Sleepm store near Los Angeles, California for a free biohealing bed theraputic session and receive your own personal testimony. Any products you purchase at the store can be picked up the same day, as long as we have enough in stock.

Visit us for your free Sleepm healing bed experience. Call Bishop Brooks

"This is such an amazing company. We are honored to introduce you to our Sleepm Biohealing products. This website will present to you our amazing Sleepm products, the health benefits associated with biocrystals, and the testimonies of those who have used them. Thousands have seen tremendous changes in their health and wellbeing. Thanks for visiting our Sleepm Biohealing Store. We hope you will learn to love these biohealing beds and biocrystal products as much as we do. "

Prices Starting Sleepm Smart

“Very Unique experience! Lied down on the mattress and felt my whole body let go and relax deeply within minutes, as if gravity was heavier or something. Difficult to describe, but they are definitely doing something right. Must go and try for yourself, you’ll be shocked!."

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