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Study Music in-depth with a consummate professional Singer & Multi-Instrumentalist, Bandleader, Composer and Recording Engineer:


Saxophones - Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Baritone
 (Tone, Improvisation, Reading, Fluency)
Flute (same as above)
Voice (Classic Bel Canto Technique applied to other styles)

Guitar (Chords, Chord Theory, Strumming, Fingerpicking, learning songs)

Piano (Various left hand / right hand accompaniment styles, improvising)

Drums (Basic Fundamentals, important grooves to build chops, building a solo, etc.)

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced!



Music Theory

Jazz Improvisation
Lyric Writing


$50/hr., $200/month
NOTE: I do not do "one off" lessons. Students who come to me are in it for the long-haul and mastery


1 hour classes
I typically only do 30 minute lessons for small children, because of their attention span


Once a week; same day, same time for consistency of learning
Some students who want to intensify their learning have double-up to 2 times a week for a duration of time

ALL lessons are prepaid by the 1st of the month; no exceptions
Cash is king. I do not have Venmo or CashApp.


Minimum 2 days notice (48 hrs) if you cannot make it for any reason. With adequate notice, I can credit your lesson


I have a beautiful living room overlooking a pond that parents can wait in and hear the lessons
I also have two porches with great rocking chairs and lots of great critters coming by to visit!

1) Tell me your NAME and PHONE NUMBER. I like talking on the phone; I'm not a fan of constant texting
2) Tell me what you’d like to STUDY
3) Tell me your EXPERIENCE LEVEL; beginner, intermediate or advanced
4) Send me some SAMPLES of your playing or things you'd like to sound like!

Thank you,

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"If you have a passion for music, Dave is 100% your guy! I have to say that, as a rule, most people I interact with in my daily exchanges are coming from a perspective of going-through-the-motions. I’d even go as far as to say that most people don’t do what they do for a living out of necessity for the craft but rather necessity for survival. It’s refreshing (& most helpful) to study with someone who brings the joy, passion, & love to the service they provide and this is just what Dave does.
I contacted Dave about piano lessons &, after speaking with him, decided Music Theory was the route I wanted to go as I was looking to improve my playing as well as my songwriting. From the very first meeting, I could tell that Dave truly wanted my success - this would show up over and over again from his flexibility with scheduling to his dedication to my understanding even the most complex lessons. Dave is the kind of teacher that matches the energy his students give him, so if you are willing to put in the work, so will he!
I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Dave’s teachings. I would’ve never thought to get private coaching in Music Theory, but so glad he convinced me to do so. Now I’d recommend that as the first step for anyone looking to improve their songwriting."
Krystelle, songwriter, singer and pianist, 3/19

"I'm a working professional in cinema and television, and have been expanding my work into voice over and audio recording. Dave has been an incomparable resource in this process. His opinion is informed by experience, and he's been able to share that with me in ways that have helped considerably. His knowledge of microphones, pre amps, compressors, and the entire mic signal chain (and how they interact) is wide and deep. When I was looking to record a musical ensemble for a new project, the first place I turned was Dave and his fountain of facts. He speaks with clarity and always has a good anecdote to back up his references. A consummate professional, a great audio consultant, and an excellent resource."
Stephen Lee Clement, voice-over artist, 10/19

"I initially came to Dave Bass for intermediate guitar lessons after just quitting from two teachers. Generally, if the teacher you go to does not inspire you and make you excited to learn, then don’t even bother. Dave inspires me every single lesson. I’m excited every time I come to see him because I know I’m going to be learning something new, or he’s going to do something that impresses me and gets my soul energized.
Dave’s song writing and music theory course is the best investment I’ve ever spent money on. I told him I wanted to be able to play my own music instead of just playing other people’s music, and he lured me into his music theory and song-writing course. It was the best thing he ever did.
One of Dave’s best value is his ability to break down a song, piece, bar into terms I can understand. I have a Vietnamese song I wanted to reconstruct on a DAW to play live, and Dave broke down the keyboard, bass, and drum section for me, so I can play and program it for recording. He is able to do this because he plays a bunch of different instruments.
In the quest to become a better guitarist, I feel Dave is molding me to become a better overall musician and composer. With his help and hard work of my own, my dream of writing my own songs is not just a dream anymore. It’s something I can achieve.
I recommend you stop searching and spend the money and effort to see Dave. Sure there are fancier and more expensive teachers out there, but I haven’t met anyone who understand music, studied it as extensively, and can teach it better than Dave Bass can."
Tuan, songwriter and guitarist, 3/19

"I'm excited! I'm actually recording a pop demo with a collaborator right now, and singing notes I'd never attempt before learning the power and openness of such deep breathing!"
Maureen, singer/songwriter, 1/17

"Thank you so much. You are such an amazing teacher; I'm very excited to be learning from you. I've been consciously breathing from my diaphragm since I left - I am learning so much from it."
Brittany, actress, voice and piano, 11/16

"He's like a guru of music..."
Nick, music theory and piano, 9/15

"My daughter said your lesson was the best lesson she had in her life."
Olivia, whose daughter, 12, took overview of guitar, piano and drums, 2/15

"I love training my voice with Dave. Having the experience of working with other voice teachers, I can say he is an expert at everything he does and sets his mind to. He loves teaching and it is very rare to find kind-hearted teachers who spend time with you, no matter what. Even if he has to give you extra time, he will make it happen.
In just a month I was already able to see improvement. Not only does he understand the functioning of my voice but he plays like every instrument you can think of. I also take saxophone lessons with him and I have learn more about my sax in 3 lessons than in my 3 years of playing. He is the most complete MUSICIAN I have ever met.
Dave also teaches me how to take care of my voice, little tricks and on top off all, how to take care of my body to prevent getting sick. I feel like I have my own personal naturopath.
Dave understands the functioning of a flute to the functioning of the human body. He is an all-in-one... Love it! I also appreciate all the help he has giving me with recording my own songs.
Thank you Dave for all you do!"
Ashelen, Voice and Sax student, 10/18/14

"Dave! IT'S WORKING. I'm singing from my gut and I have so much more control!! This is (expletive) crazy! I thought I knew what I was doing, but with this technique, I feel like the possibilities are endless!!! I AM SO GRATEFUL. YOU ARE A LIFESAVER, DAVE."
Monica, Actress and voice-over talent (came in with laryngitis before a big show), 5/7/13

"I have known Dave professionally for about 2 months, and it has been one of the most positive working experiences I've ever had. I have had several experiences with several voice coaches during my life, but Dave is without a shadow of a doubt the best one. His knowledge about voice, its structures and his advanced understanding of music has given my voice remarkable improvement. Dave's charisma gives him an instant ability to provide others with the same wonderful environment he has created for me. Dave was always diligent and timely with his tasks and a model of punctuality.
During my training I have also had the chance to get to know him on a personal level as well. His creativity is inspiring and draws people to him. His personable character and positive outlook makes him an encouragement to be around.
Dave would be an asset to any vocal student and I recommend him as a vocal coach to everyone that's looking to have great results."
Alex, Voice Student, 10/28/12

"I have been singing all of my life. I have had several vocal coaches but none like Dave. He taught me a different way of singing that doesn't put a strain on my voice or take away its power! In just 6 months of training with him, I have noticed a definite change in my voice. I'm even close to reaching the five octave range I had in high school! I'm also taking piano lessons and music theory with him. He teaches music theory in such a way that is easy to understand and just sticks with you! I have never met a multi-instrumentalist with such patience, knowledge, and a natural flair for teaching."
Elizabeth, Voice Student, 7/29/11

"Dave is an excellent saxophone mentor from start to finish. He helped me find a good horn at an affordable price, and then guided me back to playing shape. I hadn't played since high school, but after several lessons, I felt like I my chops were coming back. I especially like that he'll play duets with me. It's a great way to improve my ear and technique while feeling like I'm in an ensemble."
Tim L., Actor, Saxophone Student, 1/29/11

"I enjoy your music lesson and your great little space. It is a wonderful experience for me. Thank you ~ see you next week!"
Kay, Piano and Voice, 1/26/11

"I am delighted to write a reference letter for Dave, who was referred to me by Sam Ash Music for private instruction for my junior high school daughter. Mr. Bass is truly a God-send; a very unique and gifted musician with a welcoming, hospitable and spiritual persona, which is key to his musical instruction.
Mr. Dave Bass is an extraordinary individual and musician. He is gifted, a sheer pleasure to be around and the epitome of a role model and mentor who possesses a tremendous aptitude for impacting those around him with his vibrant belief in the power of music. In his lessons he frequently talks about the relationship between music, school work and life. These traits are important to me in finding an instructor for my daughter, as I believe a teacher who loves what he does reflects this in his attitude, which is key to how much my child will "take away" from her lessons.
I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Mr. Dave Bass to anyone seeking a musical educator, performer or composer."
Carmen, Saxophone Student, 11/27/10

"Totally great stuff!"
Jen, Guitar lessons, 10/14/10

"I have known Dave for over a year as a friend, student and musical admirer. As a teacher he takes time prior to lessons to think through the points he wants to make and comes up with original ways to get those points across, often through the use of unique metaphors or exercises that convey an idea clearly, making it easier for someone to comprehend and learn.
As a musical artist Dave is masterful at conveying ideas and feelings through his performance, and I have been in audiences where he has stunned the crowd with a brilliant performance on one instrument, only to pick up a second and then a third and stun the audience with his brilliance on each. Dave would be an asset to any group lucky enough to call him a colleague!"
Elliot, Voice Student, 2/9/2010

"After trying out several saxophone instructors for my daughter over a period of months, I finally found one I am thrilled about in Dave Bass. What struck me first is his intimate knowledge of the instrument itself. He examined my daughter's instrument carefully and pointed out areas in need repair or adjustment (and referred me to an excellent repair shop, with which I am very pleased). He observed how my daughter held the instrument and offered suggestions for improvement, such as adjusting the length of the neck strap and proper posture. He also suggested replacing the mouthpiece with one with characteristics more suited to her present size and ability. My daughter was delighted with the improvement in tone resulting from these various "tweaks" and the new ease with which the instrument now played.
When instructing my daughter, Dave communicates effectively, and is very tuned in to her level of comprehension. He has a warm and caring attitude that makes the lessons comfortable and enjoyable for her. He takes the time to search out musical pieces that help her advance and yet are fun. He has even recorded pieces that we can play back at home when she practices, to really hone her sound. His instrumental knowledge, superb musicianship, and pedagogical abilities make him a one-of-a-kind music instructor, whom I highly recommend."
Fred, Saxophone Student, 6/10/09

"My son and I have been taking Saxophone lessons with Dave Bass for the past 3 months. My son just turned 9 and we committed to a 6 months of lessons to learn our favorite instrument - the Saxophone!
Dave has been fantastic. He not only helped us purchase two saxophones, he got the Saxes repaired for us and purchased all of the accessories. Most importantly, he is a great teacher. He loves to play and he loves to teach. As you can imagine, teaching a 9 year old to play an instrument takes patience and understanding. Dave has both of these qualities."
Dan, Saxophone Student, 6/10/09

"We love your energy and inspiration you give to our students!"
Music Conservatory, Santa Monica, CA
Teaching Piano to group and private lessons with students ranging in age from 4 1/2 to 15, 1/27/09

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Pass it on.
: )
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