Single Dad & Special Needs Son Looking For A Place (Douglasville)

First off, I know there are many fake people on here, I can show you that we are real and legit.

So here's what's going on, My son and I are currently staying with someone that offered us a place to stay when we were about to go to a homeless shelter. So we came over here, under the impression that I'd be able to get work, and get back on my feet financially. But it's it's turned into a fiasco and a bunch of false promises and ulterior motives with that individual.

I just started a job on April 15, so I do now have an income. I'd really like either 2br or basement apartment, or something suitable for myself and my son. We do not have much as far as belongings, we left so much behind when we had to leave our own place, but if I need to I can put what we have left in storage.

I'm 53 years old, single dad, straight, clean criminal record, I am a good mechanic, good at fixing things, computers, and I also DJ. My son is 14 and in special needs classes, it has been just the 2 of us since he was a little baby. I do not have a girlfriend or anything like that (no drama).

We really need to get out of here. All options considered, only exception is I am not interested in any way or looking for anything s*xual or related. I'm tired of the replies with inappropriate things being asked of me, we're looking for help, not to be someone's 'toy' or entertainment.

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